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                                                Lunch Box Fever is a summer “meals on wheels” program for kids. From June                                                 thru August, on Monday –Thursday volunteers cooked, and delivered food to an                                                 average of 70 kids per day. These are kids that might not otherwise had a meal. 2016                                                 over 3600 meals were provided.

                                                Thousand Hearts Serve Day - Every May in our community nearly 400 people take                                                 day to serve our community. Some of the projects include clean up, providing                                                 basic necessities like haircuts, dentist vouchers, health fair, opportunity to                                                 give blood, food drives, and senior lawn clean up and more. May 20th is the date for                                                 2017.

                                                  In January of 2012 the RiverWorks Thrift Store opened. All proceeds go back into the                                                      community through RiverWorks programming. Also when there is a need we donate                                                   as we can to families in need. We provide caps, gloves, coats. We have given away                                                   furniture, bedding, and clothes to people who needed them.    

​                                                In 2010 we began with the RiverWorks Food Shelf – and today continue to serve                                                 130-150 families a month in our community. Most of our food is purchased from Second                                                 Harvest and we rely on the donations of individuals, business, churches, and                                                 foundations to help us continue the mission.In 2016 we fed 4,837 mouths. 

                                                Community Gatherings - One important aspect of RiverWorks is helping people connect                                                 in our community. During the year we participate or sponsor events like Movie in the                                                 Park, Music in the Park, National Night Out, and our biggest event is Crow River                                                 Christmas. These events that are free and if there is a cost for concessions or meals it                                                 is never above $2.00. The intent is to make this affordable to all families

                                                Future Programs Initiative - RiverWorks is always watching to see what needs in our                                                 community are going unmet.  To do this we survey community leaders to work together                                                 on finding the gaps in helping our community thrive.  Currently we are working on a                                                 couple of ideas.  One involves bringing hope to the youth of our community, and the                                                 other is about developing adults that have been unemployed for a length of time find                                                 meaning work.       
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RAS Hosts Speaker Reggie Dabbs April 25th

The Rockford Area Schools community is invited to listen to inspirational speaker, Reggie Dabbs, on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, at 7 pm in the Rockford High School Auditorium.

Born to an unwed teenager who at one time considered abortion as a viable option for solving her “problem,” Reggie Dabbs considers himself fortunate to be alive. With no place to go, the pregnant teenager ended up living in a chicken coop in Louisiana. It was there she remembered a former school teacher, Mrs. Dabbs, who had said to her students, “If you ever need anything, call me.” The girl called.

Mrs. Dabbs went to Louisiana, picked up the girl, and took her back to Tennessee where she and her husband, whose six children were adults by this time, took the girl into their home and cared for her until after the baby was born. They continued to care for little Reggie as foster parents until he was in the fourth grade, and then officially adopting him.

After graduating from college, Reggie began his public speaking. During one speaking engagement, his host asked if he would be interested in addressing a high school assembly. From that small beginning in 1987, Reggie has become a popular public school speaker.

“Today’s generation is facing unparalleled hurts, pressures and choices. If we can heal those hurts, help in times of pressure and equip students in their choices, we will have better students and a positive school atmosphere,” said Dabbs in a letter, “ I share with students often, ‘You can’t change your past, but you can change your future.’ With all that students are facing, we must give them hope.” Dabbs is also speaking with student at Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School and Rockford High School during the school day on April 25.

From being a “problem” to an unwed teenager, Reggie is fast becoming one of the most in-demand speakers who helps teenagers meet their problems head-on and overcome them.

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