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The RiverWorks Store is located in the Rockford Mall at 
8900 Walnut Street (beside Lees' Kitchen), 763-477-5480.


  Products we will accept: 
  • Seasonal clothing of all kind, shoes all sizes, styles and accessories.  
  • Small appliances such as irons, toasters, blenders, curling irons. 
  • Bedding, towels in good condition.
  • Bicycles, tricycles, scooters, books, and cameras. 
  • Seasonal holiday items, curtains, clocks,  drapes, and good condition furniture.  
  • Games, jewelry, kitchen wares, lamps (non-fluorescent), and  lawn furniture. 
  • Toys, sports equipment, DVD players, flat screens, MP3 players, and IPad kinds of products.

  Items NOT accepted
  • We will not accept donations that have a smoke, mold, or mildew smell. 
  • Large appliances such as washer/dryer, water heaters, air conditioners, microwaves, stoves, and refrigerators.  
  • Baby items that have been recalled, barbeques, batteries, bedsprings, mattresses, blinds, building material, car parts or tires. No car seats.
  • Carpet, carpet padding, chemical cleansers, compressed gas tanks, electrical fixtures, and encyclopedias.
  • Exercise equipment, guns (including BB guns) 
  • Magazines, newspaper, paint, swing sets, sinks, toilets.

Proceeds used  to support the RiverWorks Food Shelf and other RiverWorks programming that strengthens our community! 
Over 12,000 Square Feet of indoor comfortable shoppping! 
The RiverWorks Store needs many hands. 
Could this be a volunteer opportunity for you?

  • Cashiers (must be over 16)
  • Sorting merchandise
  • Tagging Clothes  
  • Stocking the shelves
  • General Cleaning 

Click on the hand above and print the application & agreement and mail it in or email to Colleen at and she will call you back with available times.
SATURDAY 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

"Great thrift store!!! I am there all the time. :) " 

"I like this thrift store its different from all the rest."

"Also, love the RiverWorks ambiance.  The staff  are doing a great job merchandising, marketing, and providing great customer/donor service."

"Love my awesome glass-topped foyer table got from your ``furniture room'' a couple weeks ago. Don't know how survived before coming to own it."

"Something new every day!!"


​If you are having a garage sale and are planning to bring it to the RiverWorks Thrift Store we would welcome you to do that. 

We have a couple of requests: 
  • If it has not sold at your sale please give it some thought whether it would sell at the thrift store. We pay to have things hauled away that don't sell.

  • Please take off any price tags. As you can imagine we get tons of donations and it really slows down our process to have to take your tags off and put ours on. 

Thank You for those considerations. 
Hope your have a successful sale! 

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​Check out the sale calendar!  There is something on sale everyday! 
​Click on sale tag for a printable copy of the sales calendar!
We are so appreciative of the amazing donations we receive.  We are facing a bit of a challenge with space so we will not be accepting donations starting Saturday, December 3rd thru Saturday, December 10th.  Our sorting room is truly as high as the ceiling. We are full, and out of sorting space. Thank You for your understanding. We look forward to the many more treasures we will receive after the 10th! 
The Thrift Store Staff.